I  H A V E  A  D R E A M  
I’m a small girl with huge dreams. I plan to change the world. Each day I get closer to accomplishing all of my dreams. With every person I meet I strive to be an inspiration. I want people to remember me as the girl that desired to make a difference, the girl with the passion for life. I want every person I come across to know of their worth. I want them to understand the potential they have. That is my dream. That every person knows who they are, that they are of worth and that they can accomplish great things. The only person that can truly hold you back is yourself. It doesn’t matter where you came from, who you are, or what you have done, every single person on this Earth is INCREDIBLE. It is my mission in life to help everyone I meet understand this. 
I plan to accomplish this through my art and my ability to teach. I want everyone to feel that they are important. When someone creates something it creates this sense of accomplishment and pride. It builds confidence. I want people to understand the power of art; creating and appreciating. I want people to feel inspired by my art. Through my paintings and drawings I want people to see the happiness it brings to me. Through my photoshoots I want each of my models to feel a sense of confidence, I want it to inspire them to live their life to the fullest and realize their infinite potential. 
My dreams are huge. They are a work in progress. One day I will change lives. I will use the power of art to create a new found confidence in so many people. Be wise. Understand who you are. Understand that you are of worth. You are incredible. Dont sell yourself short. Live up to the potential that you are destined.