B E H I N D  T H E  L E N S

My name is Ceciley Hallman and I am the creator of BE WISE ART. I love working with people and helping people know they are of worth is truly my biggest passion. I have been doing photography for just over three years and have loved every second of it.  I have been able to travel all over working with incredible people. 
I reside in SLC, UT. Studying Sociology, Art Education and Photography at the University of Utah. I plan on becoming an Art Therapist and opening up my own art studio to teach drawing, painting, graffiti and photography classes.  
I created Be Wise Art not only for my love for art but for my love of people as well. I strongly believe that through the power of art and other good influences, lives can be dramatically changed for the better. Be Wise promotes positive ideals and strives to help develop a sense of self worth in all those we work with and in all the we do.  
 “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” ― John F. Kennedy